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Programming Examples for PLC Siemens S5 100U

This section of the Web page presents numerous exercises for simulated programming of the PLC S5 100U. The solution is provided in the form of a ladder diagram as well as a statement list.

To practice with these examples, simply download and set-up the AW-SYS demo ver. 2.2 for this PLC. The link to download the file and the statements for its installation are located at http://www.autoware.com/englis/demo.htm

Verification of its operation only requires the switches or push buttons that control the inputs to the PLC. The LED located on the front of the device indicate the status of the outputs. All the necessary elements are to be found in the PLC window of PC-Sim, no additional hardware is required.

If you decided to install the examples during the installation of AW-SYS, all those shown here can be found in the folder Aw-sys\S5100\Examples of your computer. All of them can be loaded and verified using PC-Sim for S5 100U.

The name of the project file to be loaded has the format Sxx-yyyZ.prj, where:

S identifies a project for S5 100U;
xx are two digits which always have the value 00 for these examples;
yyy is the number corresponding to the example using three figures;
Z is a letter that specifies the type of PIF Editor used for the project (L = ladder, A = AWL).

This means that if you want to load ladder programming example 8, open the project S00-008L.prj.
This same folder may also contain other project files where the figures xx are not equal to 00. In this case the examples refer to applications and xx is the number corresponding to the application as shown in the Applications Menu. PC-Sim on-line Guide provides information on how to load and verify these examples.

List of examples

  1. AND operation 
  2. OR operation
  3. AND of OR operation
  4. OR of AND operation
  5. XOR operation
  6. Holding circuit
  7. Set and reset
  8. Activation by edges
  9. Pulse timer
  10. Extended pulse timer
  11. On-delay timer
  12. Retentive On-delay timer with reset
  13. Off-delay timer
  14. On-Off-delay timer
  15. Delayed pulse
  16. Pulse train
  17. Down counter
  18. Up counter
  19. Counting the amount of time an input is closed (in seconds)
  20. Counting the amount of time an input is closed (in hours, minutes and seconds)
  21. Square wave generator
  22. Another square wave generator
  23. Timer control for lights
  24. Frequency divider (x4)
  25. Counter for closed inputs (solution I)
  26. Counter for closed inputs (solution II)
  27. Lights for Formula 1
  28. Sequential lights in 4 channels
  29. A "strip" of sequential lights
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